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LED sencond optic design Brightlx optic LTD is focus to design optic lens for LED lens lighting,We have rich experience on designing optic lens for all kind of LED, such as Cree,Edison,Osram,Seoul,Nichia,Lumileds and other LED. Our factory can help our customers to custom LED optic lens mould and injection LED optic lens. we concentrate on designing street LED lens and billboard lens,tunnel lighting lens,flood lighting lens,par light lens and so on. Our optical engineer is design lens base on customer require optic result. 1.Building LED lens 3D model. 2.Setup LED lens material. 3.Setup LED light source. 4.LED lens optical simulation. 5.Analyze optical of new optic lens. LED sencond optic lens produce process Street lighting second optic lens design • Street lighting optic lens design We had designed lens for all kind of street lighting,such as TypeI,TypeII,TypeIII,TypeIV lighting optic lens.Our company is focus on customing optic lens for customer.Our market is distribute on USA,Europe and Asia.