How to Choose the LED lens Raw mateiral?

                                           How to Choose the LED lens Raw Material?


      There are 4 kinds of raw material popular for LED Optics application,Polycarbonate,PMMA,silicome ,glass ,each of them has the advantage and disadvantage, we will make a comparion for each type.


       The Polycarbonate, named PC,It is the plastic Raw material, It have the performance which of easy to injection, very high impact resistance ,transmittance is 89% in 3 mm thickness of raw material, and it temperature resistance is 110 centigrade, and thermal deformation is at 135 centigrade ,base on its advantage and disadvantage, it is application in many cases for LED optics.


        Let's come to PMMA, commonly known as acrylic, it is also plastic parts, it can be injection, extrusion injection, light transmittance is 93% at 3 mm thickness of raw material, it is fragile than the PC,and the temperature resistance is 80 centigrade, and the thermal deformation is 92 centigrade, so when it is used in LED light, it will considerate the heat issue, but with the high efficiency  and easy injection, it also be used in many application.


        Relating to the Silicome,it is with very highest temperature resistance, and can be reflowed ,so it is used in the LED encapsulation ,normally it is very small size in 1-3mm,because the bigger size ,the produce cost is more expensive, so it is only used in application that request a very high temperature.


       The last one is the glass, The glass material  is the traditional one is the Application, it's light transmittance is 97%,and also high temperature resistance and the thermal deformation, its disadvantage is low impact resitance,and the produce cost high,and the surface is very different for the optics tolerance request,the light spot is not easy to design,and the heavy weight will make the high shipping cost.


       Brightlx Optics is the First one manufacture focus on LED Optics CUSTOM-made market,next time,let's talk about the UV-GRADE OF the raw material.