• Brightlx returned to work from CNY!

    Brightlx has officially returned to work today. Our Team is energized and ready to support your LED OPTICS projects!

    As a manufacturer of custom-made LED lenses, we rely on excellent optical design, high-precision mold-making, and part inj...

    2024-02-19 See More
  • Ready to take your project to the next level with customized waterproof lenses?

    Here are some customized IP67 waterproof-rated LED lens cases we have done before, the IP67 rating signifies that the LED lens is not only dust-tight but can also allow for short-term immersion under specific conditions. This level of protection ensu...

    2024-01-30 See More
  • Optimized Lighting Distribution For Tunnels

    High-effective tunnel and underpass lighting require consistent light levels throughout the structure for safe passage. Based on previous tunnel light lens projects and research, Brightlx have rich experience to support your project!


    2024-01-25 See More
  • How to match different lenses for stadium lights in different locations?

    As we all know, the excessive glare and overflow of stadium lighting not only affect the quality of the game, but also bring discomfort to the spectators and the surrounding environment.

    Matching lenses for stadium lights in different loca...

    2024-01-18 See More
  • Employing diverse tonnage injection molding machines for a variety of lenses.

    Hello, everyone, we are thrilled to introduce how we use diverse tonnage injection moulding machines for a variety of lenses in Brightlx Optical Limited.

    80T Injection Molding Machine:
    Ideal for small-sized lens production with limite...

    2024-01-12 See More
  • Chinese New Year’s Holiday Notice

    Dear Customer,

    As the Chinese New Year approaches, we would like to inform you of our upcoming New Year holiday schedule as follows:

    Holiday time: To celebrate the New Year holiday, our company will be on holiday from February 3...

    2024-01-10 See More
  • Exploring Custom Optics Solutions?

    Our experience spans all phases of product design, tooling design, plastic injection molding, plastic injection manufacturing, plastic part assembly & the use of rapid prototyped parts & molds production & other known techniques of prototyping.

    2024-01-05 See More
  • Brightlx’s vision and plans for this year.

    Happy New Year to all! As we step into 2024, Brightlx Limited are excited to share our vision and plans for this year.

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product series-- Linear extrusion lenses with excellent optical contro...

    2024-01-03 See More
  • The 31st International Lighting Equipment Fair (Jan 2024)

    The LIGHT Fair 2024 will be held at EXPO XXI Exhibition Center in Warsaw on January 31-February 2nd. We are excited to participate in this event, which is a valuable opportunity to engage with peers, demonstrate our latest products and custom LED OPT...

    2023-12-25 See More
  • Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with success, good health, and continued achievements.

    Brightlx takes pride in offering bespoke LED lens customization services, delivering customized optical solutions t...

    2023-12-22 See More
  • Linear extrusion lenses with excellent optical control and innovative installation

    Brightlx uses the extrusion process to produce linear lenses with high light transmission and the highest surface qualities for our customers. We provide custom service of linear lenses, any angle, and size are available.

    They are easy to ...

    2023-12-15 See More
  • 60-degree Symmetrical Plastic Lens

    We are excited to showcase a stellar example of our customized lens projects at Brightlx Optical LTD – the 60-degree symmetrical plastic lens. 

    This lens is specifically designed to deliver optimal light dispersion, making it an idea...

    2023-12-14 See More

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