• Other LED lens application
    BrightLX focus on the customized market of LED lenses. We have developed in this market for more than ten years, and we have developed very much. We are also involved in the fields of medical lighting, indoor lighting, commercial lighting, etc. If you have a new project development, we are also happy to participate in the preliminary R&D and design.
  • Emergency Light Lens Application
    BrightLX have designed a series of lenses in safety guide lights, police lights, fire lights, etc., which can make the lamps have high intensity, high brightness, low light decay, strong stability, and low glare value. The light bar has an incredible light, chooses scratch-resistant and wear-resistant materials, and has a waterproof effect of industrial IP68. It is widely used in automobiles, pickups, roof row lights, work lights, police lights, fire lights, trucks, etc. High efficiency, low glare value, high temperature resistance, small angle, rectangular spot, elliptical spot and other light shapes to meet the needs of the project.
  • Wall/floor Light Lens Application
    BrightLX have also involved a lot of project experience in wall lamp lighting, and can design wall lamp lens projects for your different application scenarios, such as underground parking lots, subways, garages, external buildings, garden communities, landscape construction, and garden design. Application can illuminate every place according to individual needs.
  • Hight bay Lens Application
    BrightLX have also accumulated a lot of project experience in the high bay lamp project. High bay lights can be applied to a variety of scenes. Whenever the lighting of empty scenes is needed, it is suitable for high bay lights, such as stadiums, large warehouses, supermarkets, gymnasiums, parks, open squares, city squares and so on. According to your project, BrightLX can make waterproof lens IP65-IP68, high efficiency, high light transmission, high temperature resistant material, IK08 grade test, glare value control and other factors to design different optical requirements to meet customer’s personalized cases. Your OEM project, welcome to consult.
  • LED Street Lens Application
    LED street lights are a wide range of applications. BrightLX can flexibly design optics according to your project and use light energy efficiently, and make targeted optical designs according to different scenarios. Design a variety of scenes based on the North American street lamp requirements TYPE1, TYPE2, TYPE3, TYPE4, TYPE5, long, medium and short optical design. In terms of structure, it can be arranged according to the size of each lamp, such as 50mmx50mm, 2X2 combination or 2X6, 3X8 and other combinations suitable for different sizes of LEDs, such as 5050, 3535, 3030, etc. from different brands, lumens, CREE, Samsung, Japan Asia, etc., can also be designed according to the IES or LTD optical files you provide.
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